As of August 5,2007 Kathleen Siskron has been voted on www.SongVault.FM
in the smooth jazz category at #1with song "Another Room" off of "Electro Flow" cd.

(You can also find me on : www.myspace.com/KathleenSiskron)

The song "Foolin Around" off the cd "Electro Flow" was placed on the new release compilation cd "LA Music Scene" 2007 on "Vantage Records" Kathleen is sitting in with "Canned Heat" at the "Blue Cafe" in Long Beach,Ca. (click here to check video page)

Jazzy moods are coming out of my head. I feel connected to the universe. Spirit is rising through my very soul. I want to bring out the best I have ever known. More songs are ready to be born. I know a guy named "Gordy Horn", he makes me smile like a child!

The "Majestic Theatre" in Ventura,Ca. was a fund raiser for children in music,called "peace through music". The "Katwoman band" performed
R & R blues cover tunes in September 2005. Group was Kathleen Siskron on vocals, Jeff A. Addison on guitar,David Waterbury on bass,
Christopher Drury on drums, Andrew Alden on harmonica.
(click here to check video page the song "Summertime")

Cable tv shows and many clubs & parties since the 80's. To many to list. Club Sirius was one of the favorites in 1997. Culver City Saloon was another one in 1996. 

On the cd, George Seymour is lead guitar,back ground vocals,co-writer,co-producer, co-engineer, & owner of the studio.  On the original songs #1-8 Mike Keeley on drums, (Three Dog Night), George Seymour on guitar, (The Byrds), Colin Cameron on bass, (Aretha Franklin), Jeff Nadeau on keys, (Wang Chung), & James Rolleston on background vocals, (Steeley Dan). 

Song titles :  #1 Another Room  #2 It's Emotion #3 Fooling Around #4 Is Anybody Out There  #5 I want you  #6 Let Me Give You Some  #7 Stepping Outside Of Myself #8 Stuck In Traffic  #9 I Just Want To Make Love To You  #10 The Thrill Is Gone  #11 500 Miles High  #12 Going Down  #13 Stormy Monday  #14  White Rabbit  #15 Summertime.  Songs #9-11 Produced,engineered,guitar,& keys by Bob Tucker at "Blue Palm Studios" in N. Hollywood, Ca. Scott Lund on drums, Jerome Lee on bass, Jim Davis of Piranah Records studio engineered Kats back ground vocals on song #9, & put together cd production.  Deniel Edwards on guitar,#10 "The Thrill Is Gone" featured on the radio 12-04 (Deniel played with Rod Stewart & Sonny & Cher).  Song #12  Craig Ashoff on drums,Aeon Dream on guitar,Tio Banks on keys,(Billy Preston),Lance McCormick on bass.  Song #14 Tony Mikesell on guitar & produced at "Mystic Studios" in Hollywood,Ca. Song #15 recorded live at "The Stove Piper" with Michael Shure on guitar.  CD editing & computer graphics by Harold English.  Songs #1-8 recorded at "Non-Stop" studios in Van Nuys, Ca. (George Seymour owner) & mastered by Bernie Grundman in Hollywood, Ca.  For upcoming events or to order a cd from the "Katwoman" herself. #818 569 5517